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I purchased a Lexus IS 250 from Bill Smith, the owner of Drive Auto Center in Woodinville, WA on September, 29, 2015 totaling $22,534.14I made this purchase under the impression that this vehicle would be fit for not only ordinary driving purposes but for work related trips, which consume 90% of my role.In the first months of owning the vehicle I found myself replacing a headlight, IR sensor, & all 4 tires. In April, only 6 months after purchasing the car, the engine started to make grinding noises.

I went to a trusted mechanic in Bellevue and I was verbally told the car was not in good shape and was given two estimates for urgent repairs of $3,816.83 1. Front Breaks, Brake pads and Front Brake Discs, 2. Rear Brakes, Brake pads and Rear Brake Discs and 3. Flush Brake fluid system due to age and contamination.

A second quote of $2435.69 for the necessary repair of replacing the Cam Gears.I have let Bill Smith know this and have yet to receive a response. I have pleaded with Bill Smith to at the very least help with the repairs of the Cam Gear, and I have received no response. He only responds VIA social media (To protect his image) saying that he can trade the car in for one of his at the same value, not considering that it will only add to my debt. I still lose.

As of today, I have not used the vehicle for the primary purpose which I bought it for because of the substantial concerns I have of how potentially unsafe this vehicle may be. I am struggling to make payments, as I only make money when I drive. Bill knew this and still could care less.I was led to believe based Drive Auto Center’s assertions that purchasing this vehicle would be fit for ordinary work purposes for a reasonable time. It is evident that Drive Auto Center’s advertisement and representation of the vehicle has been glaringly misleading and I relied on such misrepresentations to my detriment, paying over $22,534.14 to purchase the vehicle, followed by an additional $628.15 in repairs for a vehicle I am unable to use for the primary purpose which I bought it for.

The vehicle clearly did not hold an excellent nor good condition; under those quality standards I would expect the vehicle to be in good working order and not have so many accountable, mechanical and functional issues immediately after purchasing it.Just recently the Honda/Toyota dealership in Seattle recently to get a quote for a trade in- I was told by the mechanics there, that the entire bottom half of the Lexus has been painted over a different shade of white because of rust, they showed me the bottom of the vehicle and difference in shades and where the paint is chipping off. They would only offer $4,000 and I still owe $17,000. I would stay away from Bill Smith and his shady Dealership.Bill Smith’s establishment’s operations undeniably constitute fraud, Deceptive Trade Practices and are simply unlawful.

He knowingly sold me a car with unsafe tires and conditions through deceitful acts and misrepresentations.Bill Smith’s practices are detrimental to the health and safety of the citizens in this state of Washington. Not only is he harming the potential buyers by selling unsafe vehicles, he is knowingly allowing these vehicles to be driven off his lots and on to the roads and highways of Washington.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to issue a partial refund as the author lost $22000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Drive Auto Center. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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